Abstract Flower Transom

I made a transom for a customer. He wanted flowers, but more abstract and classical looking ones. Because of the long dimension, I made this a triptych with a flower at the center of each panel. The customer wanted to match blue glass lighting fixtures, so the frame and some of the accents are the two shades of blue from these fixtures. The flowers and accents are all made with streaky glass to made them appear as more opaque foreground objects against a clear, swirly background. The panels is approximately 35″ x 18″ and uses both 1/4″ and 5/32″ lead came.

Pictures of the window installed coming soon!


Mondrian-Like Door Panels 

The customers wanted 6 panels for the door going into their living room. They wanted something geometric and Mondrian-like but with transparent and pastel colors — champagne, yellow, grey, pale blue, and clear. There are dimensions that are common across a few of the panels and some lines continue from one panel to the other for a unified composition. Each panel is approximately 21-3/4″ x 11-1/4″ and were made with 1/4″ lead came with a zinc border.

These are the panels not installed yet…pictures of them installed are coming soon!

FilomenaPanel1        Mondrian Door Panels 5/6


Bacteria Suncatcher

I made three of these for a microbiology post doc who gave them as gifts to members in her lab. They were made to look like the dyed bacteria that their lab studied. These are approximately 7″ in diameter.

Bacteria Suncatcher


20-Sided Dice Bowl

This was a gift at a bridal shower to two awesome people who are very into board games.  It was used during the shower in one of the guessing games. It was full of dice and people had to guess how many were inside. It is made from 16 clear, beveled triangles that are 3″ on each side.



Letter Ornaments

These letters were for the customer’s two children, and were made for Christmas to hang on their grandparent’s tree. They are approximately 4″ in diameter and made with textured glass.



Johnson Family Tree Panel

This was a piece that matches a needlepoint of a family tree that hangs in the customer’s in laws’ home. It is approximately 20″ x 20″ and was a Christmas gift for her husband.


Blue Rose Box

This was a design that was a modification of my Tulip Jewelry Box. The customer wanted a blue rose pictured on the box instead of the tulip. This item has rubber feet, a chain that holds the lid, and felt in the bottom of the box. It is approximately 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 2.25″. This was made as a gift in July 2015.



Beatles Panel

This a panel that was ordered as a Christmas gift for the customer’s father who (as you may have guessed) is a Beatles’ fan. The request was for a simple black and white Beatles logo that could be hung from the wall or a window. This is approximately 16″ x 22″. This was made in Dec 2014.


Lighthouse Panel

This was ordered by a customer whose likes lighthouse. I was given a few sample photos and created this panel for him that can be displayed in front of a window either by hanging it or propping it in a picture holder. This was made in summer of 2014. It is approximately 14″ x 14″.



Funny Owl Candleholder

This was made as a gift for a customer’s aunt who likes owl and colorful candleholders and likes funny things. I made the owls bold colors because of her love of colors and I tried to make the faces and eyes quirky. This candleholder is approximately 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 6.25″.



Anniversary Sailboat Panel

This panel was made as a gift for the customers’ parents’ anniversary. Their wedding date is at the bottom of the panel and their names at the top. The story goes that the husband made a small sail boat for their honeymoon, and they sank it (accidentally) during the trip.



Snowman Panel

This was made as a gift for my mom. We have a (slightly unhealthy) obsession with snowmen. This is made to hang in the window and is approximately 16″ x 16″.



Geometric Candleholder

This was made for a customer’s kitchen table. I was told I could make any pattern as long as it matched the rug in the living area. It is large enough to hold a standard pillar candleholder.


Rose Panel – Small

I made a smaller version of the Large Rose Panel pictured below. It is approximately 12″ x 12″.

Picture will be posted soon.

Harlequin Candleholder

I wanted a way to use my small scrap pieces and was inspired by the harlequin costumes were made with fabric scraps and they were cut into similar diamond shapes. This piece found a home during the summer season at the LIC Flea and Food in May 2015.

Picture will be posted soon.

Rose Panel – Large

This was my third panel and was inspired by a pattern in a stained glass book that I have at home. Sadly, it fell to the ground at a crafts festival and one of the corners broke. It is awaiting repairs.


Winter Trees Panel

This was my second panel that I made after my class. I love the look of barren trees and thought that I could make the solder lines mimc the branches. This panel found a home during the Summer season at the LIC Flea & Food in Sep 2015.


Blue Butterfly Panel

This was my first panel made after my stained glass class. I tried to mimic the actual  pattern of the butterfly’s wings with the solder lines of the panel. This is approximately 12″ x 12″. It found a home during the Astoria Market in December 2014.